The chapel of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Arad, dedicated to Saint Maximus the Confessor and the Holy Great Martyr Mina, is the liturgical-spiritual space for the formation of young theologians. Built in Maramures style in solid oak, in the shape of a ship, with a porch, covered with fir shingles, plastered inside for painting, the Chapel of our Faculty has the capacity to receive 200 students. Being located in the courtyard of the Faculty, in a generous space, with lots of greenery and tranquility, it offers the optimal conditions, both for the liturgical and catechetical-homiletical practice of the students, and for their meeting in prayer and in strengthening the spiritual communion between them.

The formation of young people within the liturgical-spiritual program of the Arad Faculty of Theology aims at learning liturgical singing, church ordinances, as well as catechetical and homiletical practice specific to Orthodox theological education, as well as offering theological reflection on various topics of current interest. The prayer life of the students is guided by the spiritual instructor of the Faculty according to a program established by the Faculty Council, while the initiation in the church ordinances, liturgical singing, catechesis and the sermon is carried out under the guidance of the specialized professors.


Rev. Professor Ph.D Cristinel IOJA