The Faculty of Orthodox Theology "Ilarion V. Felea" from Arad

The Faculty of Orthodox Theology "Ilarion V. Felea", has been representing the Tradition of Orthodox theological education in the West of the country for almost 200 years, starting with the Theological Institute (1822) and continuing with the Theological Academy (1927) and continues to assume and manifest this Tradition even today with the blessing and the care of His M.R. PhD Timotei Seviciu, Archbishop of Arad.

The values ​​of the theological tradition in West side of Romania, assumed within the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Arad, are integrated in the current academic vision, connected to the Romanian and European university system for education of future ministers of the altar, scientific research and affirmation of the Orthodox ethos in culture and in the contemporary world.

The interest of every young person to study Orthodox theology in connection with the culture and the new religious configuration of the world, represents for us not only an honor, but also an assumed responsibility. On the other hand, the status of student that each young person assumes in our Faculty, at the three levels of training - bachelor, master and doctorate - offers the opportunity to integrate in one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of theological higher education in the Romanian Patriarchate.

The spiritual, ecclesial, intellectual and scientific formation of our Faculty aims to open you, dear young people, to the important questions of history and humankind that always have found their answer in the Person of Jesus Christ, God and Man, as well as to the understanding of the mission of the Romanian Orthodox Church in current culture and society.

In this pilgrimage towards the knowledge, experience and excellence, the affirmation and deepening of one's spiritual identity, the Sacrament of the Person of Christ and His Church you will be accompanied by the priests and the professors of our faculty, each one of them having the gift and skill that guided and formed generations of young people.

Therefore, we expect you to step into the fascinating theological and ecclesial universe of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology "Ilarion V. Felea" in Arad, with confidence, love and the desire to know and understand the great mysteries of Theology.


Rev. Professor Ph.D Cristinel IOJA