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Theological symposiums hosted by „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


Doctoral and MA students from the Faculties of Theology under the Romanian Patriarchy will join the 7th edition of the International symposium of doctoral schools hosted by AVU`s “Ilarion V. Felea” Faculty of Theology during the 15-16 September. The two main events are “Theology in the life of the community. Memories, demands and perspectives” and the MA national student symposium “Theology as confessional science about God and Church in the worlds. Present demands”.

The two main series hosted by the Faculty of Theology with the aid of the Ministry of Education are conducted under Arad`s Archdiocese and Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad`s aegis and in collaboration with the Faculty of Theology of Athens as well as the Christian Sciences Academy of Warsaw.

For further details see: https://teologie.uav.ro/en/notice-board/simpozioane-teologice-la-universitatea-aurel-vlaicu-din-arad